The Quest: Heroes
First Person Party Based RPG For Desktop & Mobile

In a world of Monsters & Magic, an unlikely group of Adventurers will begin a Great Journey...

"The Quest: Heroes" will be a First-Person-Party-Based RPG for desktop and mobile. It may be similar in feel to "Might & Magic VI-VIII", but of course with much more modern graphics. Adventuring will be in real time, with turn based combat to allow for a more strategic battle system.

Your party will consist of 4 Adventurers with space for 2 Hirelings. Some Hirelings will provide boosts to stats or powers, or will bring new skills to the party. Others may fight along your side. All will take a portion of the loot you find as their fee.

The World will be quite large, and mostly open. There will be forests, deserts, plains, hills & mountains. Oceans, lakes & rivers will block your path (unless you have a way to Walk on Water, of course). Towns and Castles will be embedded into the world with interiors that match the size of the exteriors.

There will be plenty of Monsters that need to be destroyed, and plenty of Loot that needs to be found. Puzzles and Riddles will keep the most intellectual players busy, often randomized so that the answers need to be discovered fresh each time you play.

The Story begins with a single character falling into a cave. Once you have made your way out of the Cave, you'll be given the opportunity to create your full party and fulfill the first quest, to [TBD] in the newly discovered Cave. Subsequent Quests will be discovered throughout the game. Some will require previous quests to be completed, and some quests, if completed, will make it impossible to complete others. The decisions you make throughout the game will change the direction of the world.

Not all Quests will be required to complete the game. Some will be simple side-quests, with rewards of Experience, Gold, Loot or just good will & information. Other Quests will be class-specific and will allow characters to advance in their rankings. Some Quests will be short and sweet, while others will span the entire length of the game.

The Story, mostly TBD, is loose with the details dependent on the actions of the players throughout the game. In essence, the land is fighting amongst itself, with three great Kings & Queens, Heroes of the [TBD - War Name] each desiring to be the one ruler of the land. Each is equal in strength, and they have been at a three-way stalemate for many years. To win, you will need to help discover which Hero should be the true Ruler of the Land.

Enemies will be plentiful and specific to the environments. Randomized details will help create groups of similar enemies that do not all look exactly alike, with variations in size, shape, texture & gear, as well as slight variations in stats. This will help bring a better sense of realism to the game, while also providing more variety during re-plays.

Expect the standard RPG enemies like Goblins, Giant Spiders, Ghosts etc, along with more unique and classic characters like the Gelatinous Cube & Flying Eye. Battles will be challenging, requiring different skills and methods to defeat different enemies, ensuring that the party creation & advancement is an important part of the game.

Desktop will be the primary platform for this game, both Mac & PC. I will create a mobile version as I build the desktop version, with the hope that by the time I am finished, mobile devices are better able to work with larger games like this. Due to the turn based combat system, the only big changes to the mobile verison (aside from quality settings to work with mobile devices) is a small-screen friendly UI.

I plan on allowing saved games to be shared between platforms, so you'll be able to start a game on Desktop, and pick it up on a tablet or phone when you're away from your computer.

  • Complete Day/Night System
  • Full featured weather & season system, randomly generated with quests/stat/magic bonuses based on the season & weather. (ex. a "lightning" spell may be more effective in a rain storm)
  • Randomized Puzzles. (ex. Perhaps a visit to the "Shrine of the [Stat]" on a particular day will provide a permenent bonus to that Stat. The day will be random, with clues placed througout the game, so that each time you play you'll have to figure it out again.) (ex. Perhaps a hidden message can be found by solving a Cryptogram. This would be randomized, as may be the message itself, so that each time you play you won't already know the secret.)
  • 4 Character Races: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Half-Orc
  • Throwbacks to classic RPGs & more. Someone will likely say "It's dangerous to go alone. Take this." Also, each Town will have a "Sewer" level, becuase RPG.

    As of August 2016, the game is in pre-production. I am a solo developer, and for the past year I have been producing high quality Character packages, all of which I plan on using in this game. I've also begun working on environment packages. Once that is more fleshed out, I'll begin producing the game itself, starting with the first town & accompanying maps (Cave etc).

    When the first section of the game is complete, and all of the game logic is set up, I would like to offer an Early Access option for those interested in playing the game right away, and testing out new maps and dungeons as I create them. Your feedback will be invaluable towards helping me fine-tune the difficulty and enjoyment of the game.

    It is very difficult to say how long it would take to get to the Early Access, let alone a full release. I would hope that an Early Access could be achieved by early 2017, with a full game closer to the end of 2017. While I'm confident that I can complete such a large game, I'm quite aware that it is not an easy thing for a single-person to do this size of an RPG.

    Stay tuned for more informations!